A Brownie Tribute

My grandfather was friends with a lady who defined Maine cooking. She was a BDN columnist from 1951-1994, a highly respected Food Judge, cookbook author, Home Food Economist, Nutritionist and just all around good Samaritan. Her name is synonymous with … Continue reading

Great Time for Doughnuts

Light, puffy goodness with holes have been eaten since the earliest of times. Some have even been found in petrified form among prehistoric Indian ruins. A product of pioneer cooking, the first real doughnuts were introduced to America by the … Continue reading

The Battle of Sloppy Joe

If you were in New Jersey and made Sloppy Joes, as we know it, for your friends, not only would you get a quizzical look, but probably be lynched. What they refer to as Sloppy Joes is a triple-decker sandwich … Continue reading

For Dad

I was introduced to Asian pears a year or so before my father(the second Yankee Chef) passed on and they have been my favorite “pear” ever since. If you have never had one, you really should try them. A little … Continue reading

It’s Boule Time!

I truly love chowder, but only if it’s made according to New England traditions. That means no muddling the flavor with spices that many professional chefs think enhances the creamy, milky flavor of our old standby. I have seen television … Continue reading