About The Yankee Chef

A 3d generation Yankee Chef and New England Food Historian, I am also proficient in international and Michelin-star food preparation. A food columnist for 10 years, I use New England ingredients when possible and give you food everyone can prepare, with a simple, straightforward approach.

The Jazz Man

Question. Who used to sign(along with his autograph) the words “Red Beans and Ricely Yours“? Photo courtesy of Wiki commons That would be New Orleans’ own Louis Armstrong! This is one of those dishes where everyone has their own interpretation … Continue reading

New England Baked Beans

  From the lumber camps of old to the family breakfast of the affluent, baked beans have graced our homes for centuries. It is quite simply one of the most perfect meals, from an economic standpoint to the “filling” aspect. … Continue reading

A Little Spring, 2-Ways

With spring now officially behind us, even though the weather hasn’t cooperated here in the Northeast, I simply need to add a bit of springtime flavors in some cold weather desserts. Enjoy my rendition of carrot cake spiked with sunshine. … Continue reading

The Polar Seltzer Great Chowder Cookoff

Hello everyone. I was just approached by Rich Travis, the Senior Events Manager of The Polar Seltzer Great Chowder Cookoff in Newport, Rhode Island. This, my friends, is the World Championship of Chowder Cookoffs. Last years winner, FROM A SOUTHERN … Continue reading

Strawberry-Blueberry Crumbles are perfectly perfect

Seems as though I just got done with warm weather recipes using fruit and berries. Now here we are in the colder months and, again, I am using nature’s bounties. Goes to show you that there is no reason what-so-ever … Continue reading