Easier Than You Think

Although this recipe sounds like something belonging on the menu of a top-notch restaurant, both elements are super easy. Although originally meant as a sauce for meat, French Remoulade Sauce is now a universal accompaniment to fish and seafood. One … Continue reading

An Original

  I love anything batter-fried. I know it isn’t the healthiest way to eat anything, but if enjoyed in moderation we can splurge once in a while can’t we? And this is the “splurging” dessert. The flavor of hard cider … Continue reading

Let’s Get Bold…Or Not!

This recipe below, although genuinely delicious, is fantastic with that little tinge of saltiness of crumbled, cooked bacon. Simply add 3 tablespoons to the apple mixture before baking. Don’t want to get that bold? Then don’t! The smell wafting from … Continue reading

How Sweet(and Tipsy)It Is!

A true historical Yankee dessert. However I am inspired by the Scottish Tipsy Laird, which is a similar dessert but using real alcohol. Here I use rum extract. When you purchase natural rum extract, it may contain alcohol but the … Continue reading

My Videos at The Bangor Daily News

Just in case you are unable to find them for any reason, I have cooking videos on this site that were expertly produced and are simple, easy and economical. I do hope you find these videos instructive and helpful. Now … Continue reading